Monday, December 31, 2007

Ode to My Baby's Daddy

When you find yourself living a life that is not what you hoped it would be, it can be difficult to find blessings. One blessing for me, however, is glaringly obvious—my husband. Although many husbands mow the lawn, fix cars and plumbing, and make certain they are up-to-date on all newly released movies, my husband is so much more.

You are:

  • The soft whisper of your blanket as you sneak out of bed as quietly as possible to stop the baby from crying before she wakes me.

  • Hard work when I need a clean house.

  • The almost-silent chortle after our daughter makes a very loud, embarrassing sound during the passing of the sacrament.

  • The feel of your hand on my back when I’m sitting in church, crying because a woman just bore her testimony on the importance of staying home to raise children.

  • The soft words you whisper asking me if I am alright.

  • The frequent telephone calls when you know I'm having a bad day at work, even though you get ridiculed for calling your wife so much.
  • Eyes lit with delight when our daughter stands by herself for five whole seconds.

  • The worried comfort you give her when she falls over and bumps her head on the leg of the chair in front of us.

  • The smile you give me because she wants her mommy, and you know that makes me happy.

  • Beautiful words when I mourn the fifteen extra pounds I can’t seem to motivate myself to shed.

  • A glance in the other direction as I sneak some of your ice cream, even though it isn’t on my diet plan.

  • The indulgent smile when I jump up and down because it is raining.

  • A flash of empathetic anger at my boss because he was mean to me again.

  • Hugs when I am dealing with my difficult family.

  • Willingness to take the baby on your one Sunday off from teaching in Primary in eight weeks so I can listen to my Relief Society lesson.

  • The attempt to tickle me to make me forget my frustrations at work.

  • The dozen roses and hideous giant Valentine’s balloon delivered to my work for the sole purpose of making everyone else jealous.

  • The extra chocolate-dipped strawberries you included so I can share with the people who come to look at my roses.

  • The smell of hot metal and old grease.

  • Mud tracked on my newly mopped floor because you couldn’t wait to tell me one more detail about your current car project.

  • The desire to hear my opinion on that detail, even though I have no idea what you are talking about.

  • The games you play with our daughter to give me some much-needed quiet time.

  • The walk you take with her outside, though you’d rather be working on your project car.

  • Strong hands that rub my back after I’ve rubbed yours so I can go to sleep as relaxed as possible.

  • The “I love you” after you think I’m asleep.

  • The man to whom I am glad I gave my eternity.

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  1. What a beautiful tribute to your spouse!

    It's so easy to enjoy, but take for granted those kinds of thoughtful gestures from a loved one.

    Thanks for reminding me to be more observant and appreciative of those signs of love in my own marriage.


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