Friday, July 30, 2010

The Benefits of Red Wine, Without the Alcohol

I thought this product has fascinating possibilites, though I've never tried it. Perhaps there is an alternative to alcohol when cooking that keeps the flavor?

There are also sherry and Chablis versions, besides the Burgundy.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Why I Still Belong to the LDS Church

I hear so many accounts of people leaving the LDS Church because they found more spiritual growth outside of the Church, rather than inside with its "boring meetings", "dreadful art", "horrid music" and lack of spiritual stimulation. Other people leave because they can't reconcile the divinity of the Church with its mundane, careless, insulting people. Others leave because the Church asks too much, or too little, or gives too little or not the right way.

I had an experience recently where I was sitting in the foyer of someone else's ward building, waiting for the sacrament to be brought out. I felt very alone and unwelcome.

As I was sitting and fretting about my place in the Church and what others thought of me in it, I had one of those rare unmistakable messages from divinity enter my mind.

"This is not their Church, it is mine. And I say you have a place here."

I had forgotten.

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