Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Angry at Myself

I guess this shows that progress can often be two steps forward and one step back. After having spent several weeks doing much better on blogs, not getting involved in any pointless disagreements, I find myself once again embroiled in a discussion I wish I had never entered.

How is it that something that begins as an attempt to have a gentle discussion so quickly becomes highly emotional? How is it that I move from discussion to feeling defensive so quickly? Perhaps it is once again time to adopt a more strict commenting policy for myself. I get indescribably frustrated with myself when I try to communicate with caring and fail so spectacularly.

Am I also the only one who gets into a discussion and tries to empathize with the other's viewpoint to the point where I get confused and unable to articulate?


  1. No, you are definitely not the only one!

  2. Thanks, both of you. I needed to hear I'm not as far of a wickedness outlier as I sometimes feel!

  3. SilverRain, I know you don't expect to hear this from me, but you're a good person and I always value your input (even when we're disagreeing). Don't stop being you, because the world would be worse off for it.

  4. From your best efforts that turn south, maybe you could realize that other people may start out with good intentions too. I am pretty good at having an edit button. But I have said things as I have said before that I regret. It is usually in posting personal information about myself and airing where I feel people in real life fell short in helping me that I fall short. But I sometimes have to walk away from posting something when I am in the heat of the moment because sometimes people can really say something that provokes me. Also, I want to say to you that you don't have to be the one to defend the truth. You have so much to offer. I think that people often to much better when the testify of how they have been blessed than when they worry about others who may be a little left of center.--Barb

  5. I also think it's important to remember that there are two sides (or more) to a discussion, and sometimes, even our best efforts are not accepted as intended, and we can't take responsibility for others' responses. That's a hard line to find, because it's all too easy to justify our behavior and blame others for the problems. But I also have experienced enough of what you are talking about to know that sometimes you are simply just plain misunderstood, and sometimes you have to just accept that and move on (because sometimes trying to explain just makes it worse!)

    And, FWIW, I, too, appreciate your input. You are a wise person with much good to say. Thank you for sharing your voice and your heart.


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