Friday, March 27, 2009

Wherein SilverRain Gives You an Opportunity to Chastise Her

(But doesn't promise to take all criticism to heart.)

And for those of you who have no idea where this is coming from, I'll direct you back to this post and the comments thereof.


  1. Silver Rain,

    For some reason I read the thread that you referenced. I believe that I understand your reaction to the portrayal of modest swimwear. If some members of the LDS Church feel it is appropriate to wear this swimwear out of respect for their beliefs, then we should at least respect their decision. Instead, the thread was filled with "scoffing" and the "mockery" of the world. Just like with the great and spacious building in Lehi's Dream. We expect that sort of behavior from those who do not claim to share our values, but when it comes from within it seems petty and spiteful.

    I once heard that all good humor has an element of truth, but humor that builds the humorist up at the expense of tearing down others is not really kind or considerate. I think this is one of the reasons that I really do not like satire.

    I think it's ok to object and say, "You threw mud on me and it wasn't funny." When the person throwing mud demands that we laugh at their cruelty, I think that person is attempting to justify themselves and not admit to being wrong.

  2. I couldn't help but notice that this post wasn't all that funny.

    You just don't get it do you?!

    Here is my advice:

    Read the Daily Universe religiously, then pick a section and make fun of it. Everyone is doning it - with very good results. (Except for Poice Beat roundtable #15 which was a dud)

  3. you overreacted. reading the link the original posters attitude seems pretty easygoing. mockery seems like too strong a word. you on the other hand, come off as a freak show, though maybe some of the commenters might were egging you on

    Ditto for you, Dennis. not sure where anyone demanded you laugh at cruelty or tried to justify themself.

  4. Silver Rain-

    After a day on Mormon Mentality I can honestly say that it was a worthwhile experience. Why? It really opened my eyes to the differences between people in the blogging world. Being fairly new to it, I have had mostly good experiences with blogging. I have found most people respectful and that has allowed healthy discussions to take place, allowing me to learn and open my mind to differing perspectives.

    My experience on Mormon Mentality was a great contrast to what I have been used to and the biggest benefit to me experiencing that was being able to see the difference between people who have a general respect for one another and those who do not. The name-calling and in your face attitudes were interesting. I was and still am wondering if it is an anti-mormon site, even though I don't think they consider it that. That's how ridiculous it became. I was accused of using a sock puppet which was quite entertaining and gave me a good laugh.

    Anyway, I had to write my two cents about my experience with Mormon Mentality and let you know that I wouldn't have even given them the chance to chastise you. What could they say that will even be worth hearing or even close to the truth?

    All I know is I won't be returning to that blog and I am sure they will miss me immensely....haha. I know that I will miss them too.....NOT!! :)

  5. I must say, I find it rather humourous that we find postings by apparently pro-lds bloggers oppugning the virtue of such concepts as modesty, chastity,and humility.

    The Caterpillar's remark to Alice in Wonderland is one clear way to steer clear of trouble: "Keep your temper."

    (Even when other people deliberatly misunderstand you.)


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