Thursday, January 7, 2010

Some Talks Become MORE Applicable With Time

Such as this talk given in 1986.


  1. I only gave a cursory reading to the talk on criticism. But I did find some very good points and I like really like these two quotes:

    President Hinckley:

    “I am not asking that all criticism be silenced. Growth comes of correction. Strength comes of repentance. Wise is the man who can acknowledge mistakes pointed out by others and change his course.

    “What I am suggesting is that each of us turn from the negativism that so permeates our society and look for the remarkable good among those with whom we associate, that we speak of one another’s virtues more than we speak of one another’s faults.” (Ensign, Apr. 1986, pp. 3–4.)

    Elder Oaks:

    "The gospel message is a continuing constructive criticism of all that is wretched or sordid in society. But Christians who are commanded to be charitable and to “[speak] the truth in love” (Eph. 4:15) should avoid personal attacks and shrill denunciations. Our public communications—even those protesting against deficiencies—should be reasoned in content and positive in spirit."

    At the same time, I recognized some possible areas of concern of which Elder Oaks was certainly aware would "be anathema to some". Personally, I just hope people don't go to the other extreme and sacrifice loving candor for the "don't even rock the boat or question" kind of saccharine sentimentality.

  2. I listened to this one on my ipod last week:

    (it is audio only-I can not find a transcription)

    It was given in 1962 and the depth of President Benson's knowledge and understanding of the economy, politics and public policy was very impressive-no surprise he was Secretary of Agriculture at the time.

    This was given again in 1987, but to hear what he had to say in '62 was amazing. Our grandparents went through something very similar to what we are going through now.

    Link to the '87 article:

  3. The talk was given just two years after Elder Oaks became an apostle. I wish he would revisit the topic now that is has been 25 years. I wonder if he has mellowed a little bit. The talk has a pretty defensive tone. Some people, speaking of President Benson, mellow with age.

  4. I found Elder Oakes talk to be very wise counsel and appropriate for our day, His counsel if headed, will help us become a more Zion like person/people. As I read his talk I had the distinct thought that Zion people will live by principals similar to what he is teaching in his talk.
    Similarly, I find Pres. Bensons words possibly even more appropriate for us in our day and have never found his counsel offensive or even unwise (I’m not implying anyone said or implied that). I really don’t think he mellowed, I think his focus changed to meet the responsibility of being the leader of a worldwide church. IMO

    please note I wrote this passivly, just putting down some thoughts.


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