Friday, April 16, 2010

Evidence Against Evolution

Everything that is "bad for you" tastes good, and almost everything good for you tastes bad. You would think that we would have developed a better taste for things that are healthy. On top of all that, why is it that in order to extend our life, we have to do something that leaves us flat-on-our-back, every-inch-hurting the next day? Wouldn't survival of the species mean less cosmic retribution for trying to be healthy? Wouldn't propagating the species lead to better physique and survival traits?*

I'm just sayin'.**

*Can you tell I'm starting to try to lose baby weight?

**No, this is not a serious post. If you truly feel the need to argue the pros and cons of faith in evolution, however, you may use the comments below. Just don't expect me to respond. I'll be over on the floor, whimpering in pain, begging for Cold Stone.


  1. Actually, Evolution theory does cover all those problems (unintended consequences for other improvements), but I won't go into that. Wouldn't want this to start a serious discussion :) Lets just say it has to do with brains and standing upright.

  2. I have to say that this is the best evolution post I've ever read. I don't care whether it's accurate or not, but it's the best!

  3. Jettboy—Yes, I know. But logic and science have very little to do with the thoughts that run through my head every time I wake up and try to coax my aching body out of bed. ;)

  4. Humans up till very recently ('40's? for my family) lived at the edge of starvation. Something like 25% of the recruits entering the armed services were underweight--they never had enough to eat.

    We like high caloric foods because for except for an insignificant number of years in the 20th century and on to this one, most of us weren't getting extra calories.

    The earliest versions of the Faust legend have him selling his soul for a full stomache and the ability to fly......

  5. You made me Laugh! Keep it up:=)
    I think it is a sugar conspiricy;)


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