Friday, July 30, 2010

The Benefits of Red Wine, Without the Alcohol

I thought this product has fascinating possibilites, though I've never tried it. Perhaps there is an alternative to alcohol when cooking that keeps the flavor?

There are also sherry and Chablis versions, besides the Burgundy.


  1. Interesting. It's true that the beneficial ingredient is in the skins of the red grapes.

    But it is also true that alcohol itself has medicinal qualities when used properly and in moderation.

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  2. Red wine is a product that has various usages. It is used in celebrations as an alcoholic beverage and also as a good ingredient for a great recipe.

    Furthermore, red wine is the source of most resveratrol products that have been known for its medicinal purposes. Some people opt to buy resveratrol because it's an effective supplement that can help cure diabetes and other diseases. Indeed, a very useful product.

    Thanks for sharing!


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