Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Commenting Policy Update

FYI to everyone: I have had to learn by personal experience to draw boundaries in my space. I have also learned to enforce those boundaries without apology.

Certain commenters have shown an inability to respect my boundaries. I have updated my commenting policy at the bottom of every page to clarify those boundaries. I no longer feel the need to pander to people who make a career out of criticizing the Church, or who proudly carry around personal baggage with no intention of offloading it any time soon. I have plenty of baggage of my own, so I get baggage. I have plenty of topics regarding the structure and organization of the Church which frustrate me. But that doesn't mean that I throw my baggage around, hoping to hit someone else over the head with it. I am willing to consider that my own biases may get in the way of seeing clearly. I expect that brand of restraint in anyone who would like to carry on a public conversation on this blog. If you are incapable of seeing past your own biases to try to understand my real meaning, then we really have nothing to talk about.

I still welcome intelligent, thoughtful conversation. "Thoughtful" means considering my points, and respectfully asking questions or bringing up certain counterarguments that show more than a simple vendetta regarding whatever topic at hand. I welcome disagreement. I detest argument. If you don't know the difference, there are plenty of venues where you can vent your spleen to your heart's content and be welcomed.

This is not one of them.

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