Monday, March 17, 2014

Detracting from Productive Conversations

This is exactly how I feel.

Public demonstrations and forceful activism are exactly contrary to the principles upon which the priesthood is built. How can they ever expect to wield the power of God when they so clearly don't understand even the most basic aspect of it?

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  1. SR, I truly admire u clinging 2hope tho u’ve suffered. I hope that u will also continue 2trust; in God, & His way of creating us. 1 thing I’ve learned is that men & women's brains are hard wired diff'ly! Diff things make us tick. We give &receive love in diff ways, we interpret things diff'ly, we want diff overtures 2help us feel fulfilled. & who is 2say that the things that I want are the right ones? Well, yes, 4me. But his wants & needs are valid 4him. We ea contribute 2the relationship. I loved how u said that relationships are teamwork. They truly ARE that & they take2. Marriage is based on commitment, not love. Love will wax & wane. Commitment 2ur covenants carries u thru those times until love is restored.

    I used 2be upset that my husb was so stoic & not as moved as I was. How could he be so unfeeling? Over time I grew 2treasure that ability in him 2look at things so objectively & NOT 2be so moved. I came 2realize that he was a great anchor point 4us; that if he were like me we would be in a big mess 2gether. I realized how wonderful it was that he could be so firm & he appreciates my ability 2feel so deeply.

    On FB everybody seems 2feel the need 2respond 2pictures posted with comments on the physical merits of the person involved. As if that’s the ultimate point-their appearance! C'mon, really? But I have come 2some measure of peace on this. 4some it may be superficial but I believe many see beauty in the soul represented therein. It is a person who is living their life. There is beauty in that. There is beauty in consecrated suffering. There is beauty in meekness. There is beauty in accomplishment. There is beauty in effort. Many traits reflect beauty & it isn't just about clothing choice & hairstyle. So, I have learned not 2balk so much, & I hope that u will not protest when/if somebody from afar believes that u are beautiful. U may not be magazine gorgious, but u are a soul, both spirit & body 2gether, a daughter of God that is seeking 4light & that makes u a creature of beauty. Hopefully there are men that see u in that way. Hopefully u see urself in that way as well.

    My husb& & I joke that the golden rule shouldn't be "do unto others as u would have done unto u," it should be, "do unto others as they would have done unto them." Men should be loved in a way that helps THEM feel elevated, just as women should be. I am thankful that my husb& has worked very hard 2learn. We have both suffered much by misunderst&ing how 2love ea other! But we have both improved & are committed 2forgiving ea other as often as needed & on trying 2achieve real unity. Often I am still left sad, my husb& being unable 2say things just how I want, but I do recognize his effort in trying. I am grateful 4 how far he has come & am willing 2wait on the Lord 4the time when he can reach the level of EMOTIONAL intimacy that I truly want. He is learning 2speak my language which does not naturally compute in his brain. I am thankful that he makes this effort on my behalf.

    Likewise, there is a language of PHYSICAL intimacy that he has innately which is foreign 2me! & I work constantly 2improve in my ability 2speak it 2him. It seems that men want 2have sex in order 2feel close 2their wife & that women want 2feel close 2their husb& in order 2want 2have sex with him. It’s important that we, neither of us, discount the way that the other’s brain works. We were ea created this way & it takes both of us being willing 2change 4ea other. 1 is not right & 1 wrong. HF wants us 2have both kinds of intimacy. Hub’s & wives should ea work hard 2overcome their own personal limitations that prevent them from being able 2give their spouse the kind of intimacy that they need/desire because of how they were made. Both kinds of intimacy & desire are godly & should be humbly given & shared 2gether in the ways that God has prescribed. I sure appreciate the sincerity of this thread!


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