Monday, November 17, 2014


A few years ago, I sat across from my midsingles' ward bishop. He was newly called, and (I would find out years later) exactly what the ward needed: someone to organize and utilize the immense opportunity to serve that the midsingles represent.

I've had impassioned discussions about how I hunger to find some service opportunity, something that can utilize my skills and actually matters to someone, but since I can't commit to at least 4 hours every week, the shelters and DV women's groups are closed to me.

But just today, I heard about this amazing new endeavor by the Church called Although sponsored by the Church, it is not a church program, but is intended to be a community program. With this tool, people all over the world can sign in, submit projects, and participate in local service endeavors.

I have heard that missionaries, Eagle Scouts and Laurels, and individual members are being encouraged to use this site to find ways to improve the community and help those who really need it. It's barely starting, but I can see this becoming an amazing resource for people like me: with far more room in my heart than in my schedule.

What to you say? Time to get to work!

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  1. Our stake is one of the trial areas. Someone from the stake has been called to go out into the community to explain it and get organizations to sign up. It looks great! I have friends who are already participating in an ongoing project and wondered if they should sign up through or not. But if they sign up through they are allowed to review the service opportunity, so then people will feel more comfortable and know what that opportunity is like so it can really grow and people feel confident that the service opportunities are legit and what they are like before committing.


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