Friday, November 6, 2015

Same-sex Marriage Policy

There is a flurry of opinions and thoughts flying around about the policy clarifications regarding same-sex marriage and the children of gay parents living in a same-sex relationship.

I will only say that I am sorry for all the hurt that it causes. I am also glad the clarifications were made, and support them. The Lord is a merciful God. He is the only source we can turn to for comfort and understanding.

In time, all the wounds of mortality will be healed.

Even mine.

Even yours.


  1. Thanks for this. One thing that I have noticed is how often people bring up their emotional pain and suffering as the worst thing that could happen to them and their outrage that their church would inflict it upon them. For some reason, people have come to think of pain as something they shouldn't have to experience. Which seems ridiculous to consider if you ever do a cursory reading of any of the scriptures. Pain seems to be a big part of our mortal experience. I have lupus and experience my fair share of physical pain. I long ago determined that I could allow the pain to stop me from living my life or I could press forward, accepting and enduring the pain, and actually experiencing and living life. I have experienced the same thing with emotional pain. I suppose it sounds trite and insensitive, but if that is all you can focus on--you actually don't seek for healing or relief. I have also seen that sometimes there isn't relief but you can't stop or else you will stop--and be stunted.

    I hope that made sense.


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