Friday, May 9, 2008

Changes in the Church

I tried to write a real post, and was again unable to bring it out. But in ranging through the blogs, I came across this post at Mormon Matters which literally had me feeling a little lost and very lonely. I have struggled long and hard to try to bring my will into alignment with God's. I fought with everything I have, giving up material position and pride of place to try to reach the one goal of discipleship. I'm not saying I've been successful, only that I've done a lot of hard changing. The thought of the Church bending to accommodate those unwilling to go through this process scares me. It feels as though we are being told that in order to finish the building, we will have to use structurally unsound materials. I would rather have a smaller building which is earthquake-safe.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying every member of the Church should have to be perfect to belong, just that we should all be desiring that perfection and working on it. We should all be willing to stand as a witness, to take upon us the name of Christ, not change Christ's name to suit our stance.

As I continued reading, I came upon comment #11 by Thomas Parkin. That healed a great deal of my feelings. He is right: we have been warned of the cancer which will/may grow in the Church. But although the Church may be eaten from the inside, there is no reason why I should feel alone. There are many who feel as I do. To me, these are the true members. It is not a matter of your name being on the membership of the roles of the Church, it is a matter of Christ's name being written on your heart, just as it always has been. I, for one, will continue to work for that unity with the Divine and let the leadership worry about the grassroots changes.

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  1. SilverRain,

    Thanks for mentioning me by name.

    I can relate, roller-skate.



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