Thursday, May 8, 2008

Healing from Motherhood

Apparently, I'm at a phase where I simply enjoy others' posts, rather than writing my own. It's a rather pleasant phase. I don't have to think so much, just bask in the light of others' intelligence. It's sort of a mental vacation!

I would highly suggest reading this post by Spunky (aptly named) on motherhood. It is obvious in reading her story that she is truly exceptional. I love hearing stories such as this, about how people overcome their insecurities and challenges. I (over) obsess about things such as this that bring me into dissonance with God and myself, and have waged a long war against the issues I have had with life, the Church and myself. I am reluctant to dump too much of my story out here, because it is very personal and because I have been burned when sharing too much before, but I deeply admire Spunky for sharing this, particularly on a site which attracts so many who are similarly hurting. Thank you, Spunky!

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