Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nothing Wavering

For those of you interested in reading about LDS topics without the anti-establishment drama (or, at least, with significantly less of it) I recommend nothingwavering.com. It is a flawlessly executed and aesthetically pleasing aggregator for LDS blogs. It does not only list fluff blogs, full of the sweetness with none of the sorrow, but it does only list blogs that discuss topics in the light of faith. Those which do little but complain and bask in the light of their own sparks of intelligence need not apply.

Moreover, I really enjoy the way it is organized. It isn't nearly so bulky and is not ranked by popularity or size, only by content type. It is organized into LDS-topic blogs, LDS-written blogs and official LDS blogs. It also has a topic cloud for each section, should anyone be searching for information on a particular subject.

In my opinion, the best part about this aggregator is that it is newbie-safe. In other words, those tender spirits who are just venturing into the world of blogging and are unprepared for the viciousness of less-orthodox blogs have a place to start. So, share with friends and family. Move them into the next level of technology! Get them connected!!!

If you have your own blog, even if it's a Mormon life blog more than a Mormon doctrine blog, I strongly suggest you submit your address to this blog. Not only will it help you gain readers, but it will also serve to show real-life, faithful LDS lives. The more of us willing to be out there, the more understanding between us will grow. Although it may or may not be included, it is certainly worth submitting.

A special bow and thanks goes from me to J. Max Wilson. for the effort. He is a programming guru. Thank you!

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  1. Best of luck getting more faithful LDS to join online discussions - it'll be interesting to follow. Cheers.


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